Aidan Mirowsky (jAM)
conceptual and playful
interdisciplinary artist
photography/video, painting, collage, installations
exploring language, existentialism and environmentalism

New Jersey, USA
b. 1983
2005 BFA, Parsons School of Design, New York, NY, United States

Contact: [at]


Artist Aidan Mirowsky (jAM) is best known for nothing, but she’s creative and works with what she has. Her husband makes music and she want’s to share it with the world, so she adds independent record label on to the list of things done at Little Fire Studios, and creates videos and album art. She’s at home with their kid, so she working on sculptures and paintings as she slowly makes surface designs, while dreaming of installations, art billboards, and run on sentences. She needs to make some space in the studio, so she opened a virtual pop-up shop selling her early work; mostly limited edition prints. She has friends, so she helps a fellow artist and author with their social media and website. Flowing and going. Her kid decides that 5am is the perfect time to wake up everyday, so she makes carpe diem pancakes (aka rainbow pancakes)…. until the kid decides they don’t like pancakes anymore.  #artistresidencyinmotherhood #artmamamember
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